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3 In 1 Avocado Slicer

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Everybody loves avocados, but no one likes peeling and slicing them. The skin is tough to pierce, the pit is a hassle to remove, and trying to scrape all the juicy fruit out of its shell is a pain. But not anymore! 

With The Ultimate Avocado Slicer, you’ll never complain about preparing avocados again. It’s a nifty 3-in-1 tool that features a serrated knife to puncture the skin, a slicer that cuts each half of the avocado into seven slices, and a grippy pit remover that removes the seed with one simple movement. No more cutting your hands or sending pits flying into the air. 

Our avocado tool is made of food grade plastic and is dishwasher safe. Made of a soft, non-slip grip, it’s also comfortable to hold.

We believe cooking should be easy and fun, so this tool is designed to make handling avocados easier and safer. Buy yours today and enjoy eating avocados again, hassle-free.

10 reviews for 3 In 1 Avocado Slicer

  1. Raanaa_18

    Excellent product and Super fast shipping. Great merchant!!!

  2. ChronicCynic

    Very well packed, it took around 19 days to arrive.

  3. Tony C

    Corresponds to the description. i have not tried it yet, but i think everything will be ok!

  4. Customer

    Excellent product, I enjoy using it

  5. Brianna

    Have not used it yet but looks exactly as picture.

  6. Nargess

    Arrived in good condition. really nice. Highly recommend. Thank you.

  7. Donna

    Much better quality than expected for this price! Tried on several small and big avocados, all works as described. Thank you.

  8. Tania

    What an awesome tool this is! I should have gotten one of these years ago! Living in SoCal, I get avocados from the Farmer’s Market all year long and this incredible tool is just fantastic. The “knife” is plastic, yet sharp and cuts through the skin like butter! Then you flip it on it’s side and place the prongs over the pit and push in. The pit comes out and you push from the opposite side and it releases right into the garbage can….no more dangerously stabbing the pit with a sharp knife to lift it out and then struggling to get it off the knife! Then flip the tool over for the third time and slide it from top to bottom for the PERFECT slices! LOVE OXO brand, and LOVE this.

  9. Customer

    Interesting thing. Very nice. Very good plastic quality. Knife is protected with plastic cover. It serves its purpose.

  10. Emma

    I have not tried it yet, but it looks very good, the sharp edge is protected by a cap. Delivery was fast

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