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Baby’s First Manicure Safety Set

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Your baby is growing fast, right before your very eyes. But so are their nails, which can get surprisingly sharp! To keep your little one from scratching themselves or you, you’ll want to trim baby’s nails several times a week. 

Whether you’re a new first-time parent or seasoned grandparents, our baby manicure set makes nail care easy. Fully designed with your little one’s safety and comfort in mind, this manicure set makes trimming a breeze. 

The set includes four pieces––clippers, scissors, tweezers, and file. The clippers have a grip to help you avoid slipping and are small enough to get those teeny tiny fingernails and nothing more. The scissors have blunt, rounded edges making it nearly impossible for them to pierce skin. The tweezers have rounded tips and are made of wide, easy-to-grip plastic. The file also has rounded ends for safety and comfort. 

Sharp, dirty nails shouldn’t get in the way of you enjoying time with your beloved child. Let our Baby’s First Manicure Safety Set help.


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