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Deep Cleaning Pore Vacuum

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There’s nothing worse than knowing you have a big event or meeting to go to and your skin is flaring up and you don’t have time to go to the dermatologist. Or she’s all booked. If you’ve ever wished you could have a dermatologist on call who could appear out of thin air when you need her, you need our Deep Cleaning Pore Vacuum. 

When the oil and dirt doesn’t want to come out and squeezing won’t do, you need a heavy duty dermatological tool. Our pore vacuum comes with 5 adjustable suction tips, which indicate different suction strengths according to what your face requires. Changing tips and turning the vacuum power on and off is as easy as pressing a button. 

Additionally, the pore vacuum has beauty lamp features that help heal and rejuvenate your skin. Red light encourages collagen regeneration, restores elasticity, and soothes tender skin. Green light helps decompose melanin and brighten skin. Blue light repairs damaged skin, sterilizes the skin from germs, and slows the skin’s secretions that cause clogged pores. 

With this pore vacuum you can say goodbye to blackheads, rough skin, dead skin, loose skin, and fine lines. Buy yours today and you’ll be putting your best face forward in no time.


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